New York Properties

A special store dealing Manhattan’s prime real estate.

  • New York is a growing economic powerhouse with growth of population
  • Located at the leading country, Manhattan will surely rise and its rate is also high.
  • Tax saving measures are in place.
  • Even with second hand properties, prices does not fall.
  • Demands from all over the world.
Needless to say, the attraction of the real estate in New York is its high asset value.
Real estate in New York can be expected to rise to the maximum when the market is strong, in reverse, when the market is weak it is said that it is a stable market where price reduction can be minimized.
During the Lehman shock in 2008, stock prices have plummeted.
But the impact on New York's real estate market was limited, and recovered to the level before the financial crisis in a few years, highlighting the firmness of the value of New York real estate.
One of the reasons is the high level of New York's overwhelming rental demand.


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