Undisclosed Properties

Undisclosed Properties

Our company deals with open market properties as a matter of course, but our specialty is undisclosed propertiesthat need to be handled internally. Every property owner and buyer has his own background that needs to be handled accordingly. We receive information about such properties on a daily basis.

A Property that are sold publicly needs to be arranged and priced in a certian way, which usually causes the prices to go up following a bidding war.

That is why We obtain property details before this bidding war happens. For example: properties that are sold before foreclosure sale, sold for civil rehabilitation proceedings, bad debt of financial institutions, Legal issues, trust beneficiary rights etc.

We introduce these properties to our trusted clients, given considerations to our personal connections, our client's confidentiality and the delicate situation of each case.
We give professional advice and introduce the right property buyer/seller to each of our client according to their requirements.
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